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MicroStation and InRoads Training

The following tutorials result from a series of desired learning outcomes provided CAD Productivity by HHPR. They have been arranged in the sequence that would be followed in an instructor-led training class, but each can be viewed independently. Each section contains related videos so it is recommended to watch each in order, but if you would like to see a cross reference to each video from the initial questions, click here.

For some of the videos, there is a written lab activity. If you would like to practice using these labs, download the data files here. This is a zip file containing the data files and an Exercises subfolder containing PDFs with the video or section in the title. These labs are pulled from different CAD Productivity courses, so the folder structures will differ. When you are working in the activities and it calls for loading a file, always look in the folder where you installed these files rather than the folder listed in the PDF.

1 General MicroStation

What's displayed on top, Levels, Overrides, etc.

2 Creating Sheets

Plan, Profile and Details on Sheets including using Annotation/Detail Scale

3 Printing

Using Print Organizer to set up sheets and print PDFs

4 General InRoads

Project Defaults, Multiple Users in the ALG, Copying Preferences, Creating Codes, etc.

5 InRoads Survey

Correcting and Combining Surfaces with and without Synchronizing the FieldBook

6 Horizontal Geometry

Importing from graphics, Using Curve Set Tools, Setting and Displaying Stationing, Automatically updating Station Annotation, Renaming Geometry and Changing an Alignment's Style

7 Profiles and Vertical Geometry

Creating Profiles, Adding Offsets to Profiles, Using Vertical Curve Set Tools, Automatically updating Vertical Annotation

8 Curb Returns without Ramps

Creating Geometry for Returns, Return Templates, Modeling, Creating the Surface

9 Curb Returns with Ramps

Creating Returns with ADA Ramps using Feature Modeling tools such as Generate Longitudinal Feature, Checking Grades, Using Color-Coding to Check Grades, Creating and Enhancing Surfaces

10 Location Tables

Locating the points for use in Tables from the Gutter Elevations and from Surface Elevations, Creating the Reports and placing them in MicroStation, Labeling Points, Elevations and Grades graphically

11 Offset Surfaces

Creating offset surfaces for aggregate, top of subgrade, etc.

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