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Curb Returns with Ramps

This series of videos using a 'wire-frame' or feature modeling technique of creating ADA ramps. While you could certainly accomplish similar results using Roadway Designer, I think this method is a little more straightforward. Much of it is personal preference however, so I am not opposed to using Roadway Designer and point controls for the modeling. 

9_1 Creating 3D Linestrings from Alignments
9_2 Ramp with Gen Longitudinal Features (GLF)
9_3 Ramp Grade Check
9_4 Ramp Adjust Grades
9_5 Color-coded Grade Checks + Fine Tuning
9_6 Offset Breaklines using GLF
9_7 Cleaning up Breaklines
9_8 Creating the Surface
9_9 Enhancing the Surface
9_10 More Grade Checks
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