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OpenRoads Survey


This 2-day course exposes students to the workflow for using OpenRoads Designer (ORD) Survey. Students import data from a number of sources, reduce it to coordinates, display the results and correct coding errors. The data is then used to generate reports for uploading, terrains for design and graphics for planimetrics. This course is recommended for surveyors and others who will use ORD Survey for the office-side of preparing survey data to pass on to designers.

Target Audience

Civil Engineers, Designers and Surveyors who currently use OpenRoads to reduce survey data for plan and terrain production. 


To be successful, students should aready know the basics of MicroStation and have a working knowledge of surveying (collecting data).


Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive a certificate awarding you 14 contact hours of professional development.


We’re now offering our same great training classes via Zoom! We bring you the next best thing to in-person training complete with a workbook, in-depth lectures with Q&A, lab activities, and private consultations with the instructor. Check them out!

What you’ll learn
Basics of the ORD Survey training
  • Importing Survey data from a number of formats

  • Using the Text Import Wizard when a text file does not meet one of the prescribed formats

  • Working with the Fieldbook to review and edit the data

  • Graphically displaying the data and editing from the graphics

  • Creating, reviewing and editing Terrain Models

  • Creating civil geometry

  • Creating cross sections and profiles for review of the terrains

  • Calculating terrain to terrain volumes such as for a borrow pit

  • Generating reports

  • Producing deliverables

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