Step by step with MicroStation and ORD.

At CAD Productivity, we’re proud of our reputation as the information source for MicroStation, InRoads and OpenRoads. Our books are developed using real-world projects and a common-sense workflow approach. These guides take you step by step through the process, not just through the menu. If you’re taking a class from us, your book is included. If you can’t attend training, you can purchase our books for self-paced study.

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Upgrading to OpenRoads Designer

ORD is vastly different from MX, GEOPAK and InRoads so you can use our ORD book to learn the new interface and workflows, just skip the template section since that’s the one area that hasn't changed.

OpenRoads Designer

Know the basics of MicroStation, and ready to get into modeling with OpenRoads? Here’s your step-by-step guide!

Coming Soon
Upgrading to MicroStation CONNECT

Already know MicroStation and ready to get started with the new MicroStation CONNECT interface? This book’s for you!

Coming Soon
MicroStation CONNECT I

Just getting started and need to know the ins and outs of using MicroStation to draw? Start here with a book providing a comprehensive look at the software.

MicroStation I SS4

This step-by-step guide takes you through the basics of MicroStation SS4 including 2D drafting as well as an introduction to 3D. Click the link for a description and purchase information.

Applying InRoads SS2

This training manual is designed for engineers and designers who use InRoads SS2 for design and evaluation of roadway or other corridor projects. It takes you through the workflow from geometry through plan and profile sheets.