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OpenRoads: Context Menu Option

If you use OpenRoads, then you're familiar with context-sensitive menus - select civil data or a civil handle, hover over it and a menu appears with commands specific to that type of civil data. It's a great way of accessing your most used commands. But what if the menu is being stubborn and refuses to show up? We've probably all experienced that issue and know that an exit is the common cure. If you don't have time to exit, resorting to the Ribbon is always an option. But there is another great way to find the same commands as the context-sensitive menu.

  • Select the civil data (alignment, corridor, template drop, etc.)

  • Right-Press until a menu pops up

  • The top portion contains the commands from the context menu (minus the delete - it typically appears lower in the list)

Here, the corridor handle is selected and the right-press brings up the menu as shown.


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