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Music City Awaits!

Nashville, Tennessee

Coming to Nashville for one of CAD Productivity’s MicroStation or OpenRoads training classes? There’s always something happening here in Music City, so no matter what time of the year you come for training, you’ll have plenty to do and see (in addition to learning!). Click the link below and start exploring but please don’t make non-refundable reservations until you hear the class has met the minimum number of attendees. Note: The minimum number has been met for the March 10th ORD class.

Visit Music City


There are several hotels in the area of the training center (220 Athens Way). This is an office-park area approximately one mile from all the downtown action.

Candlewood Suites (Next block from training center)

Fairfield Inn and Suites

Holiday Inn Express

Millennium Maxwell House

Springhill Suites (Nextdoor to training center)

Of course, if you prefer to stay where the action is, there is a plethora of hotels in the downtown core that are walkable to all the nightlife. Most of the honky-tonks are located in the vicinity of 2nd Ave and Broadway.

Do you need a car?

Needing a car is very subjective but here are some things to consider. The Nashville airport (BNA) is about 10 miles from downtown and about 11 miles from the training center. If you choose to stay near the training center, a ride share service to and from downtown will most likely cost less than parking a car downtown and be a lot less hassle. Nashville traffic is a real thing unless you hail from NYC or LA. However, if you’re more into exploring sights than downtown night-life, several of the attractions are spread out so a car might be worthwhile.

What time should you fly out?

Class will finish at approximately 4:00 pm on Friday, and in rush-hour traffic you should allow 30-50 minutes travel time to the airport. BNA is a fairly easy airport to negotiate but is undergoing a major renovation, so we suggest scheduling your flight out at 6:30pm or later. Please don’t make non-refundable reservations until you hear the class has met the minimum number of attendees.

Hotels near ORD training center
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