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MicroStation for Civil V8i Training Course

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This course teaches the basics of 2D MicroStation drafting as well as an introduction to 3D. Students learn the basic MicroStation concepts necessary to draw basic civil engineering details and typical sections. It also teaches how to create plan/profile sheets and then annotate, dimension and plot the sheets. Sample highway projects or highway sheet files are used to learn these concepts. Students also use what they have learned to create a typical section class project. The class is conducted to orient students toward subsequent training on civil application software, such as InRoads. See the table of contents below for a list of specific topics covered.

Length: 4 Days (Typical)
Prerequisites: Students must have a familiarity with the Windows operating system prior to attending the course.

This course focuses on the new features and tools available in the V8i version of MicroStation. You’ll learn how to get the most out of the latest productivity enhancement including how to:

This basic level training manual covers the basics of 2D MicroStation drafting as well as an introduction to 3D. You’ll learn the MicroStation concepts necessary to:

  • Master MicroStation’s view controls.
  • Set up 2D and 3D files.
  • Create civil related graphics.
  • Create and work with levels by utilizing level libraries and Bylevel symbology.
  • Manipulate and modify elements.
  • Group elements for easy manipulations.
  • Work more efficiently by creating cell libraries and cells.
  • Measure and pattern elements.
  • Utilize References to create sheet files (plan/profile, typical section and detail sheets).
  • Annotate, dimension and plot the sheets.

All students receive the MicroStation for Civil V8i manual and dataset that is used to work through the topics with a knowledgeable instructor available to explain key concepts and assist with questions.

Contents: Click here to view a Table of Contents for the training manual.