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Advanced InRoads V8i Training Course


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Overview: This Advanced InRoads training course is designed for civil engineers and designers who have a basic knowledge of InRoads, but have not reached its full potential. It is also useful for those who are self-trained in the software, but may not have learned the complete functionality. Students will complete example design problems in the areas of: Alignments (Including Elements) and Cogo, Optimization of DTMs, Template/Component Creation and Modification, Roadway Designer, Intersections, Feature Modeling, Cross Sections and Profiles. See the table of contents below for a list of specific topics covered. Note: This is a condensed version of the combined InRoads II and InRoads III classes.
Length: 4 Days typical
Prerequisites: Ability to use MicroStation with at least 80 hours of hands-on experience; Familiarity with MicroStation 3D; Familiarity with civil engineering design terms and concepts; Applying InRoads or a basic knowledge of InRoads, including: how to create DTMs, how to create horizontal and vertical alignments, how to create templates, how to model roadways, and how to cut basic cross sections.

This course focuses on more advanced features and tools available in InRoads. You’ll learn how to get the most out of the software including how to:

  • Create and optimize digital terrain models (DTMs).
  • Use Element tools to easily create alignments containing reverse and compound curves.
  • Create Deed Descriptions using XML reports.
  • Create skewed cross sections.
  • Use cross section annotation tools to show slopes, elevations, offsets, etc.
  • Calculate End-Area Volumes including component volumes.
  • Build efficient components to create templates.
  • Use Display Rules to turn component on and off when necessary.
  • Create complex sideslopes using the power of End Conditions.
  • Unlock the potential of Parametric Constraints to vary a template in Roadway Designer.
  • Reduce the number of templates necessary by making use of various Point Control options.
  • Easily generate horizontal and vertical alignments for intersections.
  • Take Roadway Designer to the next level by modeling multiple corridors at one time and use Clipping Options to create one model.
  • Create master proposed surfaces with feature modeling concepts.
  • Use the new Site Modeler to interactively create surfaces.

All students receive the Advanced InRoads V8i manual and dataset that is used to work through the topics with a knowledgeable instructor available to explain key concepts and assist with questions.

Contents: Click here to view an Outline of the course.