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InRoads III SS4

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Overview: This course is designed for civil engineers and designers who want to build on their previous InRoads experience. It focuses on utilizing some of the more complex road and site design functions contained in these applications. Students will complete example design problems in the areas of: Creating Templates and End Conditions, including: Display Rules, Null Points, Labels, new Target options in SS4 etc; Corridor Modeling including: Point Controls, Superelevation, Parametric Constraints, Target Aliasing and Clipping (using multiple corridors); and using the new functionality in SS4 to create dynamic models, such as for entrances.
Length: 3.5 Days
Prerequisites: Ability to use MicroStation with at least 80 hours of hands-on experience; Familiarity with MicroStation 3D; Familiarity with civil engineering design terms and concepts; InRoads I SS4 or a basic working knowledge of InRoads SS4 including: how to create Civil Geometry alignments, how to create basic Templates, how to model Corridors, and how to cut basic Cross Sections. InRoads II SS4 is not required before taking this course, however it is advised if the student is not proficient in the basic InRoads concepts or has not used the software in production.